Making shopping more inclusive.
An app designed specifically to help the disabled community shop, it combines exciting AR technology with a simple and friendly to use interface. Accesshop makes shopping more accessible in many ways. Such as removing the need to reach for high items, reducing the need to ask for help when shopping, and much more.
How is this done?
QR codes (image targets) can be placed in easy to reach areas, and can be scanned within the Accesshop app to generate and AR model of the desired product. The user can then request that this item be collected from the shelf for them and placed behind the checkout ready for purchase.
Why is this needed?
Over half of the 13 million disabled people in the UK find it difficult to buy retail goods due to their disability. A further 56% of disabled people surveyed in the UK believed that retail staff should be more educated on disabilities (, 2020). Eliminating the barriers faced by disabled shoppers is something that has not been addressed by the retail industry thus far.
How will this help my business?
Making shopping more accessible does only benefit the lives of over 13 million people, but it would also benefit the retail industry too. As this 13 million account for an average of £163 of retail spending individually per month (, 2020).

That's an average of £2,119,000,000 per month. Making disabled customers feel more welcome at your business can open up a wealth of opportunities, including revenue, and a voice for change.
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